June 7, 2016

Controlled Atmosphere Chambers

The controlled atmosphere of Low Oxygen is a method for killing insects inside products or raw material without the use of fumigants. Airtight chambers accommodate the products, where with the use of patented technology the atmosphere is modified replacing oxygen with nitrogen and keeping the temperature to a desired level. This way all insect stages are killed and each treatment is certified.
EcO2-Greece is proud to use the technology of EcO2 since 2007, having built over 22 CA chambers in Greece.
The existing CA chambers in Greece are build in selected food industries for their internal use or they are operated by EcO2-Greece in Inofita and Sindos for the use of anyone interested to get a CA treatment on his products.
Additionally, a mobile CA unit is able to travel to any customer location for treating grains in silos.

Each chamber is equipped with dual vertical gas-tight doors and with sensors monitoring oxygen and temperature. Each chamber carries an independent heating system. The chambers are connected to the central generator producing the controlled atmosphere. The control room is a prefabricated container controlled by a computer. The entire operation of the system is monitored and managed remotely through special software which monitors on real-time basis each treatment using specially designed algorithms for the extermination of all insect stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.

CA chambers in Greece