February 28, 2017

Peterson Pest Control Academy

Internal education mechanism committed to providing global, uniform, and high quality service


Pest control is a requirement in every step of the supply chain. That is precisely where Peterson is too: throughout every step of the supply chain.

Unlike certification or inspections, pest control involves intervention into the commodity supply chain. Since this requires an extra level of expertise, qualifications management – and training – is of the utmost importance for this business. To meet this need, and to support Peterson Pest Control’s strong commitment to offering a global, uniform service to its customers, CU Greece created the Peterson Pest Control Academy (PPCA).

CU Greece has extensive experience in pest control, and has organized wide-ranging trainings and courses for pest control professionals. The office has also fully integrated EN16636 (CEPA), the most advanced pest management quality program, into its ISO9001 quality management system.

PPCA consists of three comprehensive modules, which target the core components of the pest control business line. With these modules, we aim to bring our colleagues from all levels of the organization up to speed and provide insight into specific pest control issues. The academy offers students the knowledge and confidence to execute their role, be it operational, sales or management.


  1. IPM – 5 DAYS

Integrated Pest Management is the modern approach to all pest issues and the basis for strong insight and operation.

This course includes an introduction into entomology, providing students with practical knowledge about general hygiene and stored product insects, as well as rodents, birds and other common pests. Students will also examine case studies of real commercial applications, learning the necessary tools for installing an IPM system in a typical facility. Additionally, students will become familiar with monitoring software, client consultancy services, and CEPA EN16636.


Phosphine is the most popular fumigant in the world, and is used frequently in the commodity supply chain, in silos, warehouses, containers, and vessels. While it is an incredibly effective fumigant, phosphine is also dangerous to human life, corrosive to electronics (copper), and insect resistance is a growing concern in the industry.

This course teaches high level phosphine application throughout the supply chain, with particular focus on monitoring, safety, and resistance. Students will learn the correct use of masks, canisters, and clothing, and develop an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with working at different altitudes, in varying climates, and in confined areas. Relevant legislation is also included.


Heat Treatment and Controlled Atmosphere are modern fumigation methods for treating insects in food production and trading.

This course includes practical applications of the above methods in flour mills and hotel rooms, and of Controlled Atmosphere in chambers and silos. Hands-on course.


Most CU clients have already incorporated Integrated Pest Management into their businesses. To take advantage of this existing market, CU is introducing a new program: Peterson Pest Control. This course explains the services we can offer through PPC, including tips and personalized advice to start IPM in your country. Together, we will analyze a potential business plan, timeline, and depreciation period to find a plan that fits your needs. Participants will also be provided case studies and sales tools.


Speakers Bios:

Dr. Subramanyam Bhadrirajiu – He has a Ph.D. in entomology from the University of Minnesota, and is highly experienced in managing pests with alternative or low-risk pesticides.


Dr. Christos Athanasiou – He is a professor at the University of Thessaly. He teaches general and applied entomology, urban entomology, biological control of insects and Integrated Pest Management.


Vasilis Sotiroudas – He has been working since 1986 in the field of pest control. Vasilis implemented many conventional industrial insecticides (IPM, phosphine and methyl bromide), and is responsible for the construction and monitoring of more than 25 Controlled Atmosphere chambers throughout Greece.


Dr. Shlomo Navarro – FTIC Ltd. – He participated in and organized several conferences related to pest control and has authored dozens of articles and books examining the field of pest control.


Nico Vroom – He has more than 25 years of hands-on and management experience in all facets of the pest management business.


Ms. Hagit Navarro M.Sc. – Hagit is an Instructor of pest controllers and fumigators in Israel. She has extended Laboratory and field experience on fumigation operations and in testing disinfestation operations at low and elevated temperatures.

PPCA is located just outside of Chalkida, a small village 80 km north of Athens. The site is accessible by train, bus, or car from Athens International Airport. Academy participants will stay in the Lucy hotel in Chalkida, and they will be transported via minibus to the facility each day. The facility itself is fully equipped with commercial fumigation chambers, heaters, sensors, and two classrooms, offering students the opportunity to participate hands-on in the entire pest control process.