Insect control with Controlled Atmosphere

Controlled Atmosphere is a method for eliminating insects from raw material or products, using low oxygen. It can be applied in airtight chambers or in silos. The silos do not have to be airtight, normal silos can be treated as well.

Controlled Atmosphere











The methodology of treating products with modified atmosphere refers to placement of products in airtight chambers and supplying nitrogen until the oxygen level falls below the necessary level. The temperature is also modified and the duration of the treatment depends on the type of insect and the pre-mentioned conditions. In these controlled conditions all stages of insects are killed. CA offers a realistic commercial option without using chemicals for killing insects in products.

  • No insects

    ...survive the treatment (no resistance registered). Duration is similar to phosphine fumigation.

  • No Chemicals

    There is no use of chemicals and therefore no residue. There are no risks for workers.

  • Fumigator

    Can be used at any time without waiting for a fumigator. Cost-competitive application.

  • Certificate

    An Internationally recognized certificate is issued at the end.

Apart from building CA chambers for customers, EcO2-Greece offers CA service for 3rd parties through 3 chambers in Inofita and Sindos. Each chamber can treat more than 50 pallets and every treated pallet can stay in a clean room for as long as the customer wants.

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